Reference Guide - Broadsmart new eFax platform 2020

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Broadsmart eFax Quick Reference Guide

How to Receive an eFax

This is the easiest part – the eFax will come into your email box.  There is no need to access a portal in order to retrieve your faxes.  You will also receive a separate email notification letting you know that you have a new incoming fax.


How to Send an eFax

This documentation outlines how to send an eFax.  

1.  Create a new e-mail

    a.  In the "To" field of the email, input the fax number as digits

Note: For destinations in the North American Dialing Plan (NAPD) the destination phone number should be 10 digits long. A leading '1' is optional. If dialing outside the NADP be sure to use the international prefix and country code (CC) and then the number (i.e., 011+CC+Number)

    b.  Add the domain “@<my_Efax_Number> to end of the phone number

For example: if YOUR my_eFax_number is 9543331234, and you want to send to US destination number of 9544498001, then the entire format in your To: field should look like this:



2.  Attach a single PDF containing the fax content. Make sure to add the attachment, otherwise the fax will not succeed.

3.  Ensure that there are no other attachments such as pictures (email signatures count as a picture).


4.  Send the email.


Here’s what sending a fax should look like, using the previous example:



Notes on sending

  • No authorization code is necessary for sending faxes including outside of the US48.
  • You should also receive a notification in your email about the status of each sent fax from your account.
  • Subject is only relevant for the sender – the recipient won’t get anything but the PDF and any images in the body of the email.


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