Broadsmart Communicator with Webex

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Broadsmart Communicator with Webex lets you collaborate from anywhere. Use this guide to activate Webex for Broadsmart communicator and learn how to set up on both desktop and mobile applications. Please ensure you read through the full instructions before you start.

For support you can contact us by click here and creating a ticket. 



Download our datasheet here to see some of Webex's best features, including feature overview and system requirements.

Activation Video

Existing Customers

If you are a existing Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One customer, please watch the video below before you begin your activation.

New Customers

If you are a new customer, please download and install Webex. Click here to download the Webex software. To finalize setup of your account you can and CLICK HERE to setup your account. 

Logging into Webex

Before beginning, please ensure you have the following information. 

  1. Your username
  2. Your password

If you are missing either of these details please open a support ticket to request them by clicking here, make sure to include your company name and the extension you need these details for when submitting the ticket

Activating Webex

Important Note: It is recommended to activate Webex from your PC, if you have UC-One on your mobile please uninstall the app and download the Webex application after you have completed registration from your PC. Do not try to register once from PC and again from your mobile client.

Once you have your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One password, follow these steps to activate and download the Webex for desktop, mobile and tablet applications. This process will involve two sets of credentials

  1. Your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One credentials
  2. A work email address that can be associated to a Webex account
When you see a Username/Password login screen below the Broadsmart logo, enter your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One Credentials.

When you see an email field below a Webex logo, enter your business email address that you will be associating with your Webex Account.

Logging in with your your credentials

  1. Go to the Broadsmart Webex Portal by clicking here.
  2. Log in with your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One Username & Password and select "Submit"
  3. Enter the email address you want to associate with your Webex account (usually your work email address).
    1. This email address will be linked to your Webex account, you will use this email address and your Broadsmart communicator/UC-One password to log into Webex.
  4. You should receive an activation email to the email address you entered. 
  5. Select the Join Now button in the email.

Download the Webex Application

Once you have created your Webex account, you will be re-directed to download the Webex application, or you can select the link here.

Launching Webex

Once Webex is installed, you are ready to log in and use the application

  1. Launch the Webex application
  2. Enter the email address you used to create your Webex account and select "Next"
  3. Enter your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One credentials, if you forgot your credentials you may open a ticket by clicking here. 
  4. Enjoy your new Webex communicator!
Going forward, you will always need to first use your email address to log in using your Webex account and then enter your Broadsmart Communicator/UC-One credentials.

Technical Support

For additional support please call us at 954.449.8000 to speak with a dedicated team member. Our hours of operation are from 8am - 5pm EST Monday through Friday.


To review a PowerPoint presentation please download our Getting Started guide, we also have a great top 20 feature guide which is also attached! 

Review the below two videos for additional insight into the Webex communicator. 

Webex Quick Tutorial

Webex Extended Tutorial

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