Updating eFax Accounts

Modified on Thu, 12 Nov 2020 at 11:16 AM

This article will show you how to update the email address new eFaxes are sent to, as well as setting up who is authorized to send an outbound eFax using this eFax account.

Instructions to update an eFax Account


Step 1: Access the Voicemail/eFax portal

Step 2: Navigate to the appropriate eFax account

  • Hover your mouse over the "Hosted PBX" section
    • Hover over "Advanced"
      • Select the "Fax Boxes" option
        • Choose the eFax account you are wanting to update

Step 3: Update who receives inbound faxes

  • Select the "Basic" tab
    • Name the fax box using the "Faxbox Name, this should be something unique to this fax box, I might suggest the telephone number.
    • Choose the user to be assigned to receive inbound faxes using the "Assign to" field. You can choose an existing user or create a new one. Once you choose the user the "Notifications emails" will auto-populate with that users email address, this is the email address that will receive the inbound faxes.

Note: Make sure your selected user has the "Email Notifications" turned on for faxes or they will not receive the inbound faxes.

Step 4: Update the name that displays on the outbound fax message

  • The "Caller ID" tab allows you to see the telephone number associated with this fax box and the name that will display on the sent fax messages. DO NOT CHANGE THE TELEPHONE NUMBER.

Step 5: Update who is authorized to send faxes using this fax box

  • The "SMTP" tab allows you to specify who is authorized to send faxes out using the fax box by updating the "SMTP Permission list".
    • Enter either specific email addresses or entire domains, each email address/domain must be separated by a SPACE. DO NOT UPDATE THE CUSTOM SMTP ADDRESS.

Step 6: Update the number of retries for outbound faxes

  • The "Option" tab allows you to specify the number of times the fax box will attempt to send an outbound fax before failing, and the timezone associated with this fax account.

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