Updating Auto Attendant Prompts and Audio Files

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Logic - An auto attendant is an automated receptionist that consists of menus and sub-menus. They are used to navigate callers to the appropriate destination based on the callers selection or provide information to the caller. There are three main menus to an auto attendant, Business Hours, After Hours and Holiday, you choose which menu plays during what times using schedules and each menu can have its own unique options under it. For instructions adjusting the schedules that control the auto attendant click here.

**IMPORTANT** - Prior to updating an auto-attendant it is VERY important that you have reviewed the current call flow compared to the changes you want to make to ensure callers don't get stuck in a loop. It is also recommended that you draw out your flow to look for errors and to ensure you know each of the extension/telephone number you will be using in your auto-attendant as the moment you select "OK" or "Apply" the changes are live for when someone calls.

Step 1. Locate the proper group/location that the auto-attendant is set up on. Once you have found the proper location, select it.

Step 2. Once under the proper group/location, select "Services" under the "Options" menu.

Step 3. Now within the "Services" tab, select the "Auto Attendant" option

Step 4. Select the auto attendant by clicking on the name, type or edit option for the appropriate auto attendant you wish to update

Step 5. If you are uploading a new greeting, select the "Announcement Repository" option, if you are only changing where an existing prompt goes skip to Step 8.

Step 6. Select the "Add" button

Step 7. Type the name you would like associated with the new audio file, then select "Choose File" and locate and select the audio file you wish to upload from your computer.

**IMPORTANT** - The audio file must be in WAV format, 8Khz, Mono, u-law for it to play in the system, if you need to convert your audio you can use the website here to do so.

Step 8. Select "Menus" from the "Options" menu.

Step 9. Select the appropriate auto attendant menu that you are wanting to update, either the "Business Hours Menu", "After Hours Menu", or "Holiday Menu". Please note that the holiday menu can be used for any time period you would like a specialized menu to play and is not limited to specifically being used for holidays only. By default, the "Business Hours Menu" plays 24/7 unless a specific business hours scheduled is selected in the "After Hours Menu", in addition, the "Holiday Menu" will only play during the scheduled times selected under the holiday schedule applied in the "Holiday Menu".

Step 10. Select the appropriate "Personal Greeting" and key press options along with the "Action" you would like to complete when that key press is selected, the "Action Data" can be an extension or 10-digit telephone number where you would like to send the caller, an audio file, or a sub-menu. When finished updating the menu options select the "OK" button.

**IMPORTANT** - Callers who do not select a menu option within 10 seconds of the end of the audio file will be forwarded to the operator, if no operator option is selected the caller will be hung up on. It is advised to ALWAYS have one of the actions be "Transfer to operator" and to have this route to the main receptionist/call center/hunt group.

Actions Available:

Transfer with prompt - Transfers the caller to the desired destination, but requires the caller to confirm the selection. If you want to transfer the caller to a mailbox append " *55 " to the beginning of the extension of the mailbox.

Transfer without prompt - Transfers the caller to the desired destination, but does not require the caller to confirm the selection before transferring.  If you want to transfer the caller to a mailbox append " *55 " to the beginning of the extension of the mailbox.

Transfer to operator - Transfers the caller to the selected destination without requiring confirmation. If no selection is made by the caller this is where the caller will be transferred to.

Transfer to submenu - Transfers the caller to a submenu in the auto attendant where you can provide additional options for the caller to select from.

Name Dialing - Allows the caller to dial the first few characters of a persons first or last name and the select from the list of options to be transferred to that person directly.

Extension Dialing - Allows the caller to dial by extension if they know the extension of the party they wish to reach.

Transfer to mailbox - DO NOT USE.

Play Announcement - Plays the selected audio announcement.

Repeat Menu - Repeats the current menu.

Exit - Ends the call.

Action only available in a sub-menu:

Return to previous menu - Returns the caller to the previous menu prompt.

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