You need a UPS for your equipment

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Connecting equipment to a UPS




Electronic equipment is always subject to variations in power.


In a scenario where power is unstable – the location is exposed to power fluctuations or power outages, the site MUST have UPS for their equipment, and the equipment needs to be plugged into the Battery Backup outlets.   ALSO, in this scenario, the NETWORK CONNECTION feeding any switches, routers, or modems should also be connected through the network ports on the UPS.

A UPS will provide backup power for 5 to 10 minutes, giving you time to shut down the equipment safely if you lose power, or in cases of unstable/flickering power, it will provide a smooth, continuous power supply, preventing surges and drops in voltage from damaging the equipment.


Electronic equipment will not last in a damp or dusty/dirty environment.  A UPS will not help this - it is best to protect equipment from these environments.

The BEST and RECOMMENDED solution is to plug your equipment into the “Battery Backup” connection on a UPS.


All Broadsmart provided equipment – Switches, routers, etc., MUST be connected to the Battery side of a UPS.


The two attachments show where these connections should be plugged.   In an unstable environment, each sensitive electronic device should have its own UPS, and at most, only two devices should share the battery side of the UPS.


Connecting Equipment to the Battery Backup


Plug no more than two pieces of equipment into the “Battery Backup”:


Connecting Network cable through the UPS


Connect the input cable (from SmartJack/Demarc to the router/cable modem, etc.) to the “Network In” jack

Connect the plug to the router/cable modem, etc., to the “Network Out” jack




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