Rebuilding Phone Config Files

Modified on Sat, 01 Jun 2019 at 11:42 AM

Logic - Rebuilding the telephone config files updates the phone to recent changes. This is only necessary when adding/removing additional features or changing the extension/name associated with the extension. The files can be rebuilt for a specific user, or for the entire group at the same time, however you do not want to reboot the entire group at the same time as it may overwhelm the router/internet circuit.

Step 1. Navigate to the users device or group level device profile in the Broadsmart Admin Portal

  • For a user level config
    • Navigate to the user account
    • Select the "Addresses" option
    • Select the "Configure Identity/Device Profile" option
      • If you do not have this option listed you will need to contact Broadsmart to update your Admin account to allow you access to the devices
  • For a group level config
    • Navigate to the appropriate group
    • Select the "Utilities" option from the Options menu
    • Select the "Device Configuration" option from the Advanced menu
    • Select the "Identity/Device Profile Type" that you are wishing to update

Step 2. Select the "Files" tab along the top of the screen

Step 3. Select the "Rebuild the files" option and then reboot the devices impacted to force them to download the updated configuration

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